My daughter has made a new friend at school and, as luck would have it, this friend’s Mum is (by her own admission) a rare breed of techno geek and creative marketer all wrapped up in one - Bingo! Since my role at Glassmint is focused on marketing and client engagement, I couldn’t help but pick her brains.

As a seasoned SEO expert, Rachel totally advocates the value of visual content. This means, the visual pieces; images, videos, infographics etc. used by brands to engage with their customers. More importantly, she advises her clients to create custom imagery to ensure that their visual elements are unique to their brand and not being used by another business in a different context.

90% of all information that enters our brain is purely visual. Hubspot confirms that, successful marketers are increasingly using video marketing to attract customers to their brands and seeing remarkable results.

Short, pithy videos enable consumers to search and sift through content quickly, easily and be entertained at the same time.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google, which means brands need to create content for it. But, to appear on page one of a search which, let’s face it, says Rachel, is where we all want to be, videos need to be good quality and optimised for search.

So how do you achieve this in practice?

Well, good quality starts with great content. Making videos that your followers will want to watch requires that you take the time to understand your audience, design the whole concept and storyboard before you start filming. Consider your backdrops, actors/models, styling, lighting and audio very carefully. Keep your videos short, 1-minute max, less if they are for social media unless your creating a video specifically for IGTV where it is an advantage for it to be more than 1 minute as you can then also share it to your feed. Ideally, you need to secure your audience in the first 3-5 seconds! Film in HD and wherever possible use MP4 video format which is the most suitable for video streaming over the internet; less loss of quality with a higher degree of compression, goodness, now I’ve gone all technical!.

'Optimised for search' means choosing the right keywords to give your video higher visibility. Use the YouTube keyword tool to find out which ones have the least competition and integrate them into your video title, description and tags. Making use of captions will also improve the viewing experience and provide another opportunity to incorporate keywords.

Whether you are developing content for marketing, sales, customer or employee engagement, be sure to find ways to integrate video. Done well, they really are worth a thousand clicks.

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