Plan Your Shoot


In this section we aim to give you some useful tips on preparing for your photoshoot.

What's The Big Idea

You may already have an idea of what you want: a look, a feel, and an atmosphere you want to achieve, and that’s the best start! It’s good to have inspiration on your side! Ideas of clothing, hair and make up will all help get the best result. It doesn’t have to be specific, it could be just a vibe, 60’s, or trashy, or colourful. 


This is where something like Pinterest is one of the greatest assets. Use Google or Pinterest and explore some websites or magazines, but search a lot, because the more images you find, the more inspired you are, and the closer you are to collecting a clearer idea of what you want to achieve. This isn’t just for you so that you can ground your idea: it’s to show your potential team, so they can get behind the idea too.

Your Team

You already have a team you work with or alternatively we can provide one or recommend people to you. But you'll most likely need:

1. A Make Up Artist (or MUA)
2. A Hair Stylist
3. A Clothing Stylist
4. A Model

We have in-house models you can choose from otherwise we can recommend specific agencies that will be a good fit for your style of shoot.


So now you have a team you need to figure out where you’re going to take these photos. Great locations can tell stories on their own, can reveal the most beautiful light, and can bring out the best in you and your camera.

Indoor locations can be a good option if the weather is likely to be a challenge. We have a studio fully with full kit and great for editorials. alternatives are Air BandB, friends houses, local buildings of interest, wedding venues, local manor houses and mansions and just send them an email.

A consideration is permits for public places.

Planning the Date

You have to arrange a date that everyone can do. This can be stressful, and keep in mind that hair and make up can take an hour or two (longer if you start chatting, which I’ve been known to do). This is your idea, your vision, so you should do everything you can to make it happen. For example, if you drive, offer to pick the team up from the train or bus station. Do what you can.

The Shoot

So everyone is with you in one place! Keep your mood-board out and about, in everyone’s faces including your own, to keep up the theme of the day. You want it to be ingrained in your and the rest of the team’s heads whilst hair and make up is going on.

You are shooting an editorial, which means that you want it to be picked up by a magazine. With this in mind, remember not to shoot too many landscape images and nearly always keep your camera in portrait. Magazines print in pages so portrait framing works much better for them.

In the end, it’s usually mostly about the clothes, so try to remember that when shooting. Don’t let the thought of it ruin the spirit of the theme, but try and show off those clothes!

The hair stylist, MUA and stylist will most likely be on hand monitoring the shots too, and if a dress hem is up, or a stray hair has gone array, they will probably need to dart in and out to fix these things, but do speak up if you wanted it that way.

Social Media and Submissions'

You might have prior correspondence with a magazine, you might have a magazine in mind to submit to, or you might have no idea at all! Search online, see who fellow photographers you like have been featured in. Search themes or look in a local news agent… you never know! It’s usually best to have a magazine in mind before shooting, because each magazine has a style of their own and a style they prefer.

When you submit, try and come up with a title for the fashion story if you haven’t already, and write down the full list of credits.

Finally, do not share the images online. The magazine wants your photos to be exclusive, they don’t want to publish them if they’ve been seen before. Sit tight and wait, you will get to share them eventually.