All Things Bright and Beautiful

Women’s fashion brand Bright & Beautiful designed by Talis Bell is all about individuality and having fun. Talis believes that women should be proud to express themselves through the clothes they wear and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

B&B, as we fondly refer to it, is part of the Collectif group and was originally focused on 60’s and 70’s vintage fashion. Over the years, however, Talis has lovingly developed the brand giving it a commercial twist and reaching a broader audience. As she takes to the high street and evolves towards lifestyle the brand is and carving out its own unique identity.

While planning the SS19 photoshoot we sat down with Talis to discover the inspiration behind her amazing new designs.


So Talis, tell me, what is the SS19 collection all about?
Having fun, being bold, standing up for yourself, being heard and feeling free to be you.

How did you conceive the idea?
I study the trends and use what jumps out at me giving it my own interpretation. This collection was inspired by the theme ‘in touch’. For me, this is about being in touch with yourself and I’ve put a lot of myself into this collection. I acknowledge the importance of standing up for what you believe in, enjoying your life for what it is and being true to who you are. It also celebrates the evolution of my career as a designer and the changes I have gone through to become the person I am today. Oops, getting a bit emosh now!

What is important to capture through imagery?
Bring out the enjoyment of life, fun moments that can be shared wherever you are. The imagery for this collection needs to bring the clothes to life through the story of three good friends out having fun, a little bit mischievous. You know, days to remember.

How long does it take from conception through to finished design?
It takes about 6 months. I started the design at the beginning of March, then comes the research and the sampling process and well, it's the shows really dictate the deadline. The bulk of the collection is ready for the shows but sometimes I’ll have a few cheeky additions mid-season.

What has been your core focus?
This season I’ve tightened the collection, I’ve been really focused on the design, the print, and perfect fit. I’ve wanted to prioritise what sells and most importantly what I think people will enjoy wearing next season. 

What would you say has been your standout, 'eek' moment with this collection?
Well, before shooting I hadn’t actually seen the whole collection together. Shipping delays meant that the samples only arrived the day before the shoot which makes outfit building just that little bit more challenging. Of course, as a designer, I plan and visualise everything first, but seeing it for the first time in the flesh, so to speak, is when you really need it all to come together. A moment that can be as nail-biting as it is exhilarating. 

Visit Bright & Beautiful at PURELONDON next week stand H102.