When every brand is fighting for attention online, it can feel impossible to make your brand stand out. Tim Spiers, Creative Director at Glassmint Studio is often asked how imagery can help brands deal with this issue. He's created imagery for many fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and he knows that capturing the authenticity of your brand through imagery is the key to significant engagement.  

With AW18 fast approaching here are three of his time-tested tactics:

  •  Establish a style guide for product imagery to keep the look consistent across all channels.
  •  Include people in your imagery to give a relatable human touch to your content.
  •  Make authenticity the guiding principle behind your image content strategy.

Imagery is the first and last thing people remember, say's Tim and it needs to do more than sell a product. It needs to encapsulate the personality of your brand and help people experience your products (yes, even in a digital context!). Loyal customers are people that have bought into your brand. You earn trust through visual consistency; people like to know that what they see is what they get. The  2018 Consumer Research Report from Salsify found that “Consumers care less about price when a product has demonstrated trustworthiness.” Style guides help create the brief that ensures images are consistent and true to a brand.

Including people imagery on your site particularly on your landing page is known to improve conversion rates. Human photos have a positive impact on trustworthiness and create stronger emotional connections. Most people want to feel a real human connection so be sure to create imagery that shows people who represent your target market. Images need to help people relate to your Brand and visitors can tell when you are using stock photography, so avoid it where you can.

Your followers aren’t looking for perfection, they want the real story behind your brand. Transparency, authenticity and a bit of rawness are the order of the day. These are all qualities that heighten engagement and lead to brand popularity. People want to know the backstory and see behind the scenes but this does not mean at the expense of good quality imagery. Imperfection does not translate to poor quality rather, it’s about capturing the raw beauty of a brand through stunning relatable imagery. 

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